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Guaranteed Success

Rise Product Management offers a wide range of consulting services to help your small business or startup develop and manufacture your product most efficiently with minimum cost and increased efficiency.

  • Product Design and Improvement:  Review existing products and support the development of the new product to minimize cost and improve producibility by providing solutions using the DFMA methodology.

  • Cost analysis and Cost reduction:  Analyze existing products to provide product cost and provide a solution to minimize cost by eliminating waste and alienating manufacturing solutions.

  • Operations management: Develop a strategy to build and execute an operation for your product while creating a supply chain and providing manufacturing options to maximize your quality output and reduce the cost of production.

  • Production Readiness Analysis: Review the production readiness of the product and provide support to bring your product to production by developing technical documentation (Bill of Material, Assembly Instructions, Inspection criteria) for efficient quality output.

  • Process Development and Implementation: Develop VSM (Value Stream Map) for the organization or product and development process and support implementation to provide smooth operations for the organization.

  • Project Planning and Executions: Develop project planning to meet needs and budgets. Also, support executing project planning to meet project goals and timelines within the assigned budget by coordinating with cross-function partners such as internal teams, vendors, and suppliers using tools such as Click-up and MS project.


Whether it’s project planning, product analyses, or crisis management - We are here for our clients, wherever, whenever.


We know that sometimes things can get challenging, and we are here to ease the load off your shoulders. So, book an introductory meeting today if you want to learn more about how Rise Product Management consulting services can help you or your business grow.


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