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Pawan Gaikwad 

Principal Consultant

Committed to Excellence

Pawan is an entrepreneur with product development as well as problem-solving skills. In a 20+ year career as entrepreneurial project development, engineering project manager, and start-up consultant/mentor, he has excelled in driving complex, multimillion-dollar engineering projects for global aerospace firms and advising early-stage tech start-ups on product development and operations management.

Over the years, Pawan has established a track record of designing and developing next-generation products while fostering product innovation, optimizing production processes, and building strategic partnerships to accelerate new product development and operational scaling. His expertise in design engineering, production operations, Lean manufacturing, quality management, organizational strategy, and product roadmap development would provide a high-value impact on your product. 


In his current role as a consultant and start-up mentor, he draws on experience from his extensive aerospace engineering career to provide consultancy in product engineering, project planning, operations management, cost reduction, production readiness analysis, and process design and implementation for diverse tech start-ups to help them thrive and grow.

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